Meet Mirella – your expert tutor

  • I found Mirella's sessions really helpful as she explained the course clearly, giving us insightful tips about our final exams with useful strategies to approach questions. The resources she wrote were concise, and covered important content from the course, which definitely helped with making notes for exam prep. To top it off, this was all done in a very approachable and friendly manner :)
    St Mary's Anglican Girls' School
  • Tutoring assists individuals reach academic goals. It is a means through which students receive additional support and build confidence. Having been tutored by Mirella for three years, I can confidently say that she is an extremely patient, caring and approachable tutor, driven to provide quality based learning. Not only did Mirella offer constant encouragement and additional academic material, she provided me with more effective ways to manage study. Mirella's contagious enthusiasm for learning assisted me achieve personal goals and strive for the very best. As a 2015 'SCSA Certificate of Commendation' recipient, I would like to thank Mirella for all of her assistance and support. I would not have been able to do it without her!
    Chisholm Catholic College
  • Ms Trimboli is an amazing teacher and tutor and creates a wonderful learning environment. I honestly wouldn't be able to do nearly as well in maths as I am now without her. I went from barely passing my tests and just scraping past the line to now getting A's. Going to tutoring makes me feel great about walking into class and already knowing what we are learning and feeling less stressed about getting confused and not understanding the content. For most people maths is a hard and confusing subject but Ms Trimboli teaches in a way that makes it so simple and easy to grasp. I highly recommend her tutoring services.
    Perth College
  • I want to thank you for being such a passionate Maths teacher - for the first time in her life, Grace has started to believe that she can 'do Maths' and she has really enjoying having such an enthusiastic teacher. In the middle of this year, Grace was thinking she wouldn't be able to cope with Maths Methods, and she is more confident that she'll be OK with this and is prepared to take on Maths Specialist. Unthinkable this time last year.
    Perth College
  • Your gentle way of ensuring understanding and encouragement has Amber thoroughly enjoying the journey and in full support of your aims ... now that says something!
    Perth College
  • I can't thank you enough for the  support you have given Isabella over the last 2 years. She has grown from being a very reluctant learner in maths, with little confidence, barely scraping through with a low C, to a confident child who loves maths a great deal.
    Perth College
  • Our daughter was not very happy yesterday as she realised she was farewelling a teacher who has given her much joy, confidence and the knowledge to progress on her educational path. Few have left such a lasting positive impression on her while also inspiring her to go the extra mile. We thank you for all you have managed to achieve and wish you all the best for the future.
    Mr and Mrs Tam
    Perth College
  • Ms Trimboli and I have worked together for nearly two years. During this time she has helped me develop my skills and confidence in maths. She is able to relate extremely well to young people making them feel comfortable and at ease to ask questions. The environment in small groups provides enough opportunity to obtain most benefit from the sessions. She is patient and explains concepts clearly for best understanding. Her depth of knowledge and variety of teaching methods is outstanding. Highly recommend!
    Perth College

Mirella Trimboli

Experienced Teacher, ATAR Marking Team Leader and Content Writer

Mirella has been teaching all levels of mathematics in Perth schools for 13 years and most recently at Perth College. At the advice of her maths teachers, she started tutoring as soon as she left school. Wanting to share her expertise, she has also consulted for ACARA, written content for Mathspace and Education Equals, conducted professional development for teachers and been a team leader for ATAR examination marking. Deciding it is now time to open her own tuition practice, she is excited to be able to tutor her favourite course, Mathematics Methods, to students from surrounding schools and help them maximise their results.