Regular Weekly Tuition Sessions

FAQ about our sessions

1How often are sessions held?
Sessions are held once per week for each group of students on the same day and time. For example, Tuesday, 5 pm.
2How long do sessions last?
Each session is 55 minutes in length.
3What does a typical session look like?
Each session is a prepared lesson with resources provided. They are far more than just help with homework. Each session is targeted to ensure improved understanding and vast improvement in assessment results. Students receive practice assessment questions and exam technique guides. Lessons are taught using OneNote and Zoom, where students enter their own private classroom where we video conference, use a whiteboard, share our screens, easily upload resources and input photos and screenshots of questions. Importantly all sessions are recorded so that students may revisit any session at any time to aid with their revision.
4What is the cost per session?
If students choose to work in pairs, then the cost per session per person is $50. If students would like individual tuition the cost per session is $100.
5How do we pay for the sessions?
You will be invoiced monthly, in advance, for the number of sessions that your child will be scheduled to attend that month.
6Can a student attend any session they like?
Students must attend weekly scheduled sessions. If students choose to work in a pair, it is best they choose a friend from their own school. In this way the sessions will be aligned with their school's programme of study and assessment schedule.
7Do you conduct individual tuition sessions?
Yes, individual tuition is possible for a higher fee.
8How many students are there in each session?
Sessions are either individual or in partners.

2018 Session Times

Please contact me to reserve your weekly session.

Students will be allocated positions on a first come, first serve basis. Confirmed and booked sessions are indicated below.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4 pm Confirmed Students Confirmed Students Confirmed Students Confirmed Students
5 pm Confirmed Students Confirmed Students Confirmed Students Confirmed Students
6 pm Confirmed Students Confirmed Students Confirmed Students Available
7 pm Confirmed Students Confirmed Students Available Available
8 pm Available Confirmed Students Available Available

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