What makes Perth Maths Methods Tuition unique and effective?


I am an experienced teacher who has not only taught Mathematics Methods and Mathematics Specialist, but I've also been a team leader for ATAR marking. I have been tutoring since 1998 and teaching since 2003. I've also written content for Mathspace and Education Equals as well as consulting for ACARA. I even deliver professional development for teachers.
It can be fun to be tutored by a uni student but they don't have the experience of a teacher, they only have the experience of when they studied maths themselves. With me you'll learn the concepts of the course in depth, and also be given resources and strategies to help you maximise your results in tests and exams. And you'll have fun!


Small Groups or Individuals

I tutor in small groups of at most 2 students or host one-to-one individual sessions. Pairs allows for the dynamism of a small classroom and plenty of individual attention. Questions that you didn't think to ask or points of view that you haven't considered become part of the experience of the small group.
If you choose to study with a friend and form a pair it works best if you're from the same school. This means that you're both learning the same content at the same time and the tuition is specifically catered to your school programme of study, your assessment dates and your needs. Alternatively, you may like to receive individual tuition, especially if you'd like to be tutored for both Methods and Specialist.

Practice Tests and Exams

Every session is presented by me teaching with my Surface Pro and OneNote and you seeing what I'm doing on screen. Because my notes are digital, you will always be emailed a copy of what we've done the next day.
You'll be given resources to use during and after the session, most of which will be practice test and exam questions.


Online Tuition

From 2018 all sessions will be hosted online. Students will access a private classroom online and the sessions will work as follows:

  • I share a whiteboard with students so that we can both write onscreen and discuss what we're doing at the same time
  • Video conferencing, audio and text chat are all available
  • I can share my screen with students so that I can show them the use of the Casio ClassPad calculator
  • Both myself and the students can easily upload documents and screenshots/photos of questions we'd like to discuss
  • All lessons are automatically recorded so that students may revisit and review the entire lesson whenever they like to aid with revision

CAS and Technology

Every session is geared towards using CAS and the ClassPad more effectively and efficiently to maximise performance in the Calculator Assumed sections of assessments.
Technology is a core part of my tuition, from using technology to teach you, to showing you how to use the ClassPad, to utilising various software to make sure you truly understand the concepts you are learning.